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University Contributes Local People 大学が地元の人に貢献する

I graduated from this university,Tohoku University of Art and Design. When I was a student, the school had founded only for three years and facility and system was not enough for students. Then, the uni seems change a lot now, they open many event for local people, collaborate with big corporations or have activities for … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Viewing Manners 花見のマナー

This is cherry blossom season in Japan.  Cherry Blossom Viewing in Tokyo I found an interesting Japanese article that is talking about manners and ideas for enjoying Hanami, cherry blossom viewing. ■A place taking should be smart! Everybody wants to take good place, but it is silly to take the space larger than required. ■Consideration to … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Viewing in Tokyo 東京の花見

Japan is cherry blossom season now. My family called me last night and talked about they enjoyed Hanami, cherry blossom viewing, in Tokyo. I remember when I worked in Tokyo, I and co-workers enjoyed Hanami a lot in this season. It’s beautiful memory in Japan. I would like to introduce the best Hanami place in … Continue reading

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Holding Hands Project てをつなごうプロジェクト

It’s a dream project! All international popular characters, Doraemon, Miffy, Pingu, Pikachu and Elmo are holding hands and they are encouraging for victims from earthquake disaster. Unfortunately, Hello Kitty seems doesn’t appear in this project. “We are holding our hands hoping to deliver smile to everyone in Japan from small children to all the grownups … Continue reading

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The design studio contributes for community デザインスタジオがコミュニティのために貢献

I learned about “ethic” in Uni class. The main theory is that designer produce not only new products, but also the work is design for people’s life. Following the ethic theory, designing people’s life style could be more happy, fairly, healthy and safety. This design studio start this project. I respect their contribution for community. … Continue reading

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The Time of Two Years Passed from an Earthquake Disaster 震災から2年

The time of two years passed from an earthquake disaster of the East Japan on March 11. Each person remember that time in each memory. I was in the centre  of Sydney that time. A close friend rang me evening  and she said that “a giant earthquake happened in Japan, then 10 meters tsunami attacked. … Continue reading

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Project by Women Who Stepped Forward 前に踏み出した女性達によるプロジェクト

Local community in Tohoku start projects with local people to revive in damaged area. “Hand Cream from Damaged Area 被災地からのハンドクリーム” Otsuchi-cho, city , small Sanriku city located in the southern part of coast of Iwate prefecture, suffered serious damage by earthquake and tsunami. (photo by Youko Itou) Most are forced to life in temporary housing. As … Continue reading

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Fun of the Material of the Tree 木の素材の楽しみ

I like to introduce craftsmen, artist or designer from Tohoku. Art exhibition helps local crafts in Tohoku Artist from Yamagata in Tohoku New Product Idea from Traditional Japanese Paper Hideki Saitou is a furniture upholsterer. His studio is in Iwaki city, where is damaged area by the tsunami with the earthquake, the number of the … Continue reading

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New Product Idea from Traditional Japanese Paper 伝統の和紙から新しい商品のアイデア

This paper sake bottle is made by Mashiko Endo, Shiraishi Japanese paper studio in Miyagi prefecture and the technology use from “Koboshi”,paper doll, making in Aizu Wakamatsu in Hukushima prefecture. Both area are damaged from big earthquake in 2011. It’s totally water proof. also it’s good to use as flower vase! (contents and image from … Continue reading