Japanese Culture

Osechi -new year bento box

My Bunei local friend whose hobby is making Chara ben so she asked me many question

about Osechi.

Osechi is special bento box for new year celebration.

I try to answer the question. Even I am a Japanese,

hard to answer all questions,so still don’t know many

traditional meaning of Osechi itself.

My mum cooking Osechi every new year.

I remember she is so busy cocking especially new year eve.

because of that traditionally, Japanese family start eating osechi

new year’s morning with saying ” Akemashite Omedetougozaimasu”, Happy New Year in English.

Why we are eating Osechi new year? because, wife can rest, without cooking for 3 days, in New Year.

Family keep eating Osechi bento for three days!! Thus, all foods are able to be preserved.

It’s not included sushi or sashimi menu.

Traditionally, Osechi bento box had 5 layers,but family number has been declining in Japan.

Nowadays, 3 layers are general size for every family.

Also, Family can oder it in Convenience store and pick up new year eve.

Even some people oder in online shop, they are variety type of restaurants from all are of Japan, kyoto, Hokkaido

Tokyo or Kanazawa present unique ingredients menu.

People are possible to order and buy from any area.

Last year my mum came to Sydney and cook Osechi for me and husband!



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