Japanese Culture

Hello Kitty, ハローキティー!

Hello Kitty is becoming so popular international. When I was a child,
My friends and I are more fan of My melody and Little twin star KiKi and LaLa.

melody chan

melody chan

I and my friends often went Sanrio shop and check new character and products, most of things are stationary.
My mum strictly gave me small monthly pocket money. It’s not enough to buy all character goods.
I felt jealous when I saw my class mate bought new many character stuffs!!

Those cute character products are made and designed by Sanrio production in Japan.
Hello Kitty has own web site and introducing herself, it’s so fun!


kitty chan

kitty chan

Also, Sanrio company has own web site shop. You can find rare products, such as corroboration with another famous characters or designers.


When I graduated Uni and started searching for job, My uni’s senior gave me a chance to
visit Sanrio company at Oosaki in Tokyo. I saw a Hello Kitty’s founder, who seems around 40 years old but,
still has two pigtails on her both side head. It’s a bit spooky. Her attitude a bit snobby but, thinking about
her designed character is becoming so famous, she could be the way naturally.

My favourite Kitty product is Hello Kitty Suchi!!

I want to have the Key ring!!

kitty Chan Sushi

kitty Chan Sushi Key Ring


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