Japanese Culture

Culture of Convenience Store コンビニ文化

Japanese convenience store’s service is so unique and different from another countries one.
I believe it is one of Japanese culture.

Japanese people call convenience store is “Konbini” ,which open 24 hours in seven days.
Basic service are ATM, Copier and Fax, Ticket reservation,Digital camera print, Bill payments and Delivery service.
Some of shops have licence selling alcohol or light medicine.

Most are located close to station, hotel , main street, bus stop or shopping arcade.
There are more than 40,000 store and so competitive business.
Seven Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart and mini stop are main franchise brand.

All franchise are keep improving with many new idea and service.

Japanese economy is not good condition these days. Most of business shows deficit result end of this year.
However, convenience store shows good balance rapidly.
Because of that the business statistic focus on and toward to social situation.

Recently,starting food delivery service for old and disable people.
Elder population number is increasing in Japan. Many are living by them selves. It’s serious social problem now.

My mum also find out some of friends who are more than 80 years old, are difficult to have meals.
They are face to hunger. When she visited on of friend’s house and brought sweets as a present.
He was rush to eat so fast and said ” I haven’t eaten from this morning.”

After that experience, she prepared or bought convenience store’s lunch box for him often.

It’s not only news paper’s story. I feel so real.

Also the shop make unique campaigns every season.
Traditional Osechi bento box delivering and New Year Greeting Card printing service are for traditional new year celebration.

Entertainment campaign is kinds of unique one.

Now Lawson is opening “Evangelion” and Seven Eleven is having “One piece” campaign.
Bosh shop are encouraging to go shopping there.
After more than 700Yen purchasing , getting chance to entry the present drawing.
Presents are  main character’s figure dolls or original products.

This one is my favourite. Hello kitty mix with Evangelion!

I hope the business is coming in Australia and Brunei!


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