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Japanese Royal Family 天皇家

Japanese Royal family is the symbol of peace, what I learned in school. However, I heard many sad news from them recently and many foreigners ask me about Japanese royal family, especially about princess Masako. Book: Princess Masako I researched about her news and being surprised of  that many Japanese people criticise her. Because mass media … Continue reading

Food / History / Japanese Culture / Tradition

Fake Japanese Restaurant 偽の日本料理店

I had funny experience in Sydney, Australia. I often miss Japanese food and go to Japanese restaurant with my family. Some Japanese restaurant’s service, menu and staff are not really Japanese. Most of those restaurant are managed by Korean or Chinese. For example, they only say two Japanese words. When customers are coming into restaurant, … Continue reading

Crafts / History / Japanese Culture / People / Tradition

Knowing Real value 本当の価値を知る

A kimono craftsman had bad experience and talked us. One day,he had a performance show at department store’s event. Two of Kimono worn women came and looked around his booth. One woman was interested in his work and said him “Could I buy this one?” However, another woman disturbed her and commented that “Are you … Continue reading

Fashion / Japanese Culture / Pop culture / Shopping / Tokyo

“Mori(Forest) Girl” Fashion 『森ガール』ファッション

I wrote about “Gothloli” ,Gothic & Lolita fashion before. This time, I would like to introduce “Mori Girl” fashion. Mori (Forest) girl is a new girl’s fashion style in Japan. The theme is the girl who seems to be in the forest, Mori in Japanese. This forest is girl’s fantasy one, it’s from western children … Continue reading

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Making Japanese Paper in Tohoku 東北で和紙を作る

Before I was talking about this Japanese paper production, Miyama Japanese Paper Centre, in Shirataka City in Yamagata,Tohoku. In 20th January, the first process of making hand-made Japanese paper was starting with local people. 800 kg local Kouzo tree, Japanese tissue, were divined three sheaves. Each one was steaming for three hours by special steaming machine. As … Continue reading