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Tea Ceremony 茶道

The tea ceremony is to treat a guest with a traditional style and to serve powdered green tea.

Kimono girl

It isn’t only enjoying serve tea and drink, but also enjoying artworks,
the tea service set and the tea-ceremony room.

tea ceremony

Many traditional art things are fused into tea ceremony,
space about the house including a tea-ceremony room and the garden,
crafts, which is tea service set and for appreciating,
foods, such as kaiseki cuisine or the Japanese sweet coming out to a tea ceremony
and manners to treat a guest comfortably.

It is a composite art to extend over the large field.

Tea house

Moreover, Tea ceremony associated with Zen Buddhism deeply,
and the produced moral culture called “Wabi , Sabi”.

“Wabi , Sabi” is meaning of to accept unsatisfied feeling, cheerless and lonesome, and to do deeply modest .

In the tea ceremony, it is the core mind of this “Wabi , Sabi”.

Calming a feeling by concentrating to make tea in the quiet space called the tea-ceremony room.
And reviewing oneself by the doing, then raising mind mentally.

Tea Room

In addition, there is the word “一期一会, Ichibo ichie, once-in-a-lifetime encounter” at the tea ceremony.

This meaning is that
thinking the encounter with the person to be an once-in-a-lifetime thing and doing the best for the person.

At the tea ceremony, it’s the important to have these noble mind.

Tea ceremony girls


2 thoughts on “Tea Ceremony 茶道

  1. Your simple and clear explanation is great. I absolutely fell in love with the tea ceremony when I was in Japan. I had the good fortune of meeting a very skilled tea master who invited me to several of her tea meetings. Hopefully I will be able to continue studying tea ceremony here in Belgium.

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