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Valentine Rule in Japanese Office日本のオフィスのバレンタインルール

I talked about Japanese Valentine Day before. 70% of office lady object to exchanging gift in Valentine Day. Because Japanese office would have a small drama in the day. Many companies set up unique rules in Valentine Day for reducing problems. It’s seriously real rules but, it sounds a bit funny. <A thing to purchase is … Continue reading

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The Otome Game,Young Girl Game 乙女ゲーム

Otome game is becoming popular. It shows Otaku culture is becoming standard of Japanese culture. I don’t play video game. However, i think it’s sometimes good idea. Because, all love could be happy end so it never give you heart break in the game. If girls are tired of real love, they might get absorbed … Continue reading

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Girls Like Japanese Traditional Performing Arts 女の子は伝統芸能が大好き

Recently, girl’s manga story captures traditional performing arts and it’s attracting attention in Japan. Main character in those stories are girls. They learn Japanese traditional performing arts, Karuta, Japanese card game, or  Shodou,Japanese calligraphy and they determine to become a master of it. I introduce two manga book today. Chihayafuru KODANSHA BILINGUAL COMICS This manga … Continue reading

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The Dolls’ Festival ひな祭り

There are many special days in Japan. I introduced previous one is the Japanese original style Valentine’s Day . Todays’ one is the Hina Festival in March. 3rd of March is the day of girls, which is the ひな祭り(Hinamatsuri), the Dolls’ Festival. It is a festival to pray and wish for the healthy growth of … Continue reading

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Namahage Sedo Festival なまはげ柴灯(せど)祭り

なまはげ柴灯(せど)祭り, Namahage Sedo Festivali starts 8th to 10tu February in Akita, Tohoku. Namahage is a devil. People believe that the devil causes fortune and to keep off evil. In old days, lazy people often get blisters cause by low temperature burns from staying in front of braziers or open hearth for long time. So, people … Continue reading

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Zao in Yamagata 山形の蔵王

I know Hakuba in Nagano or Niseko in Hokkaido is popular ski place for foreigners. However, I recommend you to visit Zao in Yamagata, where is great place to do ski and sightseeing. Especially, around  Ice Monsters(Juhyo) festival season, end of January to first of Febuary is the best to visit. “One of the natural … Continue reading

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Solo Art Exhibition, Yuriko Kitano 北野有里子さんの個展

I introduced her before, Yuriko Kitano is a Japanese Painting artist in Yamagata, Tohoku. Artist from Yamagata in Tohoku. She has solo art exhibition at Gallery TOMO in Tokyo. I obviously could not visit there, as I live in Brunei. However, she sent me panorama 360 ° photo image. I am so impressed to watch … Continue reading