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University Contributes Local People 大学が地元の人に貢献する

I graduated from this university,Tohoku University of Art and Design. When I was a student, the school had founded only for three years and facility and system was not enough for students. Then, the uni seems change a lot now, they open many event for local people, collaborate with big corporations or have activities for … Continue reading

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Holding Hands Project てをつなごうプロジェクト

It’s a dream project! All international popular characters, Doraemon, Miffy, Pingu, Pikachu and Elmo are holding hands and they are encouraging for victims from earthquake disaster. Unfortunately, Hello Kitty seems doesn’t appear in this project. “We are holding our hands hoping to deliver smile to everyone in Japan from small children to all the grownups … Continue reading

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The Dolls’ Festival ひな祭り

There are many special days in Japan. I introduced previous one is the Japanese original style Valentine’s Day . Todays’ one is the Hina Festival in March. 3rd of March is the day of girls, which is the ひな祭り(Hinamatsuri), the Dolls’ Festival. It is a festival to pray and wish for the healthy growth of … Continue reading

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Folded Paper Crane 折鶴

One day, I and my friend had a couple of coffee at cafe in Sydney. While we were chatting , we made many Orizuru, folded paper crane. Many cafe customers were coming to our seats and asked us about orizuru. Orizuru, Ori meaning “holding” and Turu meaning “crane” ,is one of the most popular Origami … Continue reading

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Karuta card game かるた

Japanese traditional activity for children are unique. I introduced one of children’s activity, Japanese paper crafts “Origami” before. Today, I would like to introduce Karuta, which is children’s card game. The name as Karuta was from card in Portuguese, and it transformed as Japanese sound as Karuta. When I was a child, I played  a … Continue reading

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Day Before the Beginning of Spring Event 節分

We have many seasonable events and special days in Japan. In February, There are 3rd :節分 (Setsubun) , Traditional end of winter day 4th : 立春(Rissyun),The beginning of spring day 11th : 建国記念日(kenkokukinenbi),The National Day 14th : ヴァレンタインデー、Valentine’s Day (different from Western style) 3rd February is 節分(Setsubun) day. In this day, at some temples, school or home have a big Setsubun … Continue reading