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Cherry Blossom Viewing in Tokyo 東京の花見

Japan is cherry blossom season now. My family called me last night and talked about they enjoyed Hanami, cherry blossom viewing, in Tokyo. I remember when I worked in Tokyo, I and co-workers enjoyed Hanami a lot in this season. It’s beautiful memory in Japan. I would like to introduce the best Hanami place in … Continue reading

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Like Tokyu Hands! 東急ハンズ好き!

When I come back to Japan, I can not stand without not visiting Tokyu Hands store. As before I wrote about some reasonable and quality shops in Japan. “Cheap and Quality Japanese Products 安くて質の良い日本の商品” Tokyou Hands is one of those. There are around  20 brunch shop all over Japan. I always visit Shinjuku in Tokyo … Continue reading

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Solo Art Exhibition, Yuriko Kitano 北野有里子さんの個展

I introduced her before, Yuriko Kitano is a Japanese Painting artist in Yamagata, Tohoku. Artist from Yamagata in Tohoku. She has solo art exhibition at Gallery TOMO in Tokyo. I obviously could not visit there, as I live in Brunei. However, she sent me panorama 360 ° photo image. I am so impressed to watch … Continue reading

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“Mori(Forest) Girl” Fashion 『森ガール』ファッション

I wrote about “Gothloli” ,Gothic & Lolita fashion before. This time, I would like to introduce “Mori Girl” fashion. Mori (Forest) girl is a new girl’s fashion style in Japan. The theme is the girl who seems to be in the forest, Mori in Japanese. This forest is girl’s fantasy one, it’s from western children … Continue reading

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Designers Exhibited the Life Style in Tohoku デザイナー達が東北の生活スタイルを展示

Tohoku is northeast area, where has been big damaged by big earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. After the incidents, famous designers had design exhibitions in Roppingi,Tokyo for encouraging Tohoku people. The exhibition was so popular total 50,000 people visited. The title is “Tema Hima : the Art of Living in Tohoku” International fashion designer, Issay … Continue reading

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Recommended Harajuku Day Tour オススメ原宿一日ツアー

When I lived in Tokyo, I often went around Harajuku area. I could not buy and didn’t wear so much fashionable clothes. However, even just looking around this area, I felt so happy. I swear you there is absolutely value to visit. There are many fashion shop, design shop, cafe, restaurant, gallery and hair salon. All … Continue reading