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University Contributes Local People 大学が地元の人に貢献する

I graduated from this university,Tohoku University of Art and Design. When I was a student, the school had founded only for three years and facility and system was not enough for students. Then, the uni seems change a lot now, they open many event for local people, collaborate with big corporations or have activities for … Continue reading

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Unique Designed Product “Ichi-Goh” Cup  ユニークなデザイン ”一合” カップ

I’d like to introduce a design from my friend Satoshi Takaoka. He named it “Ichi-Goh (一合) Cup”.  The cup blends traditional Japanese forms with a modern style. The word Go “合” refers to a traditional Japanese unit of measurement for volumes. 1 go ~= 0.18039 litres (180.39ml) Takaoka describes his product concept: “The unit Go … Continue reading

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Sexy Body Art Helps Community セクシーな体がコミュニティーを救う

Okinawa’s fire fighters make their beautiful body and it helps Okinawa community. They did hard physical training  to increase muscle mass. Then, making their sexy photography for calendar. They want to donate money from sale of calendar to the “support Medical Evacuation with Helicopter”. Northern Okinawa is facing to depopulation problem. Also it is … Continue reading


My kanji cloths shop & Japanese characters

I love drawing Japanese calligraphy and made many unique Japanese characters. I draw whatever I love and make a little bit of colours. Finally I decided to put my character on T-shirts, baby suit, bib and blanket. The shop name is Masayolab. As you know the Hello Kitty, Ape by Nigo, Doumo-kun or Doraemon Those famous … Continue reading